Tips to Alleviate Muscle Soreness

You know those days when you look at a chair or the toilet (just being real here) and want to cry because you know it's going to be painful lowering yourself down...and then back up again?!!

My hubby also hates the days after I over do it in my home gym because I whimper and wince a little every time he tries to give me a squeeze, lol. Do you ever find yourself saying, "Please don't touch me!" the day after a tough workout??

I want to give you few tips for helping with muscle soreness so you don't have to cry inside every time you need to sit down after a leg day. ;-)

First of all though, remember that soreness is not a great indicator of if your workout was effective!! Also, if you are feeling extremely sore for more than 2 days post workout it's time to back off and slow down.

Sound good??

Ok let's get into it!

Tips to help with soreness:

  1. WARM UP PROPERLY - I know it can seem annoying (especially when you're really short on time) but it's very important for a strong and healthy body!!

  2. USE PERFECT FORM - make sure you're working the right muscles to avoid imbalances and injury. If you have questions, take a video and send it to me!

  3. STRETCH - admittedly, I feel like a hypocrite telling you ladies this since I hardly every take the time to stretch (I'm going to do better!!!) but we all know the benefits of staying limber.

  4. FOAM ROLL/MASSAGE - this is my #1 tip for feeeeeling good. Anyone else?

  5. WALK/STAY ACTIVE - I know that's the last thing you feel like doing when you're really sore, but it does help tremendously.

  6. CBD/HEMP - This is my secret weapon. Just beware that they are NOT all created equal!! Here is the one that I trust, use, and LOVE for not just pain relief but also anxiety, better sleep, and a clear head to stay focused.

  7. STAY HYDRATED - pretty self explanatory, right?!!

  8. ICE BATH/COLD SHOWER - will help with inflammation and quicker recovery!

I hope that helps you!!

Overall, remember if you're embarking on a fitness routine or picking up the intensity of your current program, GRADUALLY work into it. Slow and smart wins the race.



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