Stop wasting time on things that don't work

I had a full on blubbering breakdown as I walked on the treadmill.

Not because the workout was hard….I was literally walking at a 0% incline and going 2.5 mph.

But I was at my breaking point.

I was throwing a tantrum. I was physically and mentally exhausted and I did not feel as though I could take one more step on that “dreadmill”.

I had dieted for months….eaten only chicken and green beans and lettuce with a few nuts sprinkled in. I had been working out 2 times each day...once in the morning before work for two hours and then getting another cardio session for at least an hour after my daughter was in bed for the night.

From the outside I looked the picture of health. I was under 10% body fat and had achieved my dream job of being a fitness coach and model.

But on the inside I was miserable. I was so tired that most nights I couldn’t sleep. I was obsessed with foods that “I couldn’t have” and would “sneak” treats and binge eat like nobody’s business. I had no control. I was emotional, frazzled, and completely worn out.

One night I got on my home treadmill for another cardio session and I literally broke down. I was mad. I was frustrated. And I was over it. I knew I could not keep this up.

I remember my hubby looking at me with a little bit of a panicked expression when I started to sob for no reason.

After I was finished crying and got off the treadmill, I decided that things were going to change. I was not going to compete any more (that story is for another day).

I was going to find a way to eat normally, enjoy down time with my family, exercise in a way that I enjoyed, and be social again. I was ditching the extremes.

If you’ve ever thought, “there has to be a better way”, you need to hear this.

I see you….heading right for the treadmill every time you head to the gym and spending an hour (or longer) huffing away.

I hear you...when you ask me how it’s possible to enjoy all the delicious foods and say yes to social events, all while still make progress toward those fitness goals.

I want you to learn what I have learned. Balance is possible. You do not have to live with extremes or deprivation.

Exercise can be something you learn to enjoy (seriously though!), and you never have to diet again (yes, you heard me right)!


I know it’s scary, but I’ve learned (and helped thousands of other women learn) how to implement small, sustainable habits that will yield incredible fat-loss & muscle-building results.

If you keep doing what you’re currently doing, here’s the truth. You’ll end up physically and mentally exhausted, defeated, afraid to ever try again, and fighting an uphill battle of self doubt and loathing. You’ll want to quit.

I don’t want that to be you.

I am suuuuper passionate about seeing you get out of that whirlpool and start making forward progress.

This is why I am inviting into my Spring Forward Challenge where I share with you all the knowledge I have to get you on the right path to success.

I teach you what I learned about finding a balance with my health and fitness.

I also hold you accountable.

Are you ready?

Send me a message today. I would love to chat with you.



P.S. This program is the PERFECT solution for some but it is NOT for everyone.

If it’s calling your name, schedule a quick chat with me. Book your call now:

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