Joy Kushner's Gift Guide for Fitness Gals

1. Nike Freerun Flyknit $119.00

These shoes are soooo comfortable and super cute! They conform to your feet and are incredibly lightweight.

2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo $15.00

Best. Invention. Ever. Dry shampoo is a must after a tough workout. It will save your hair from constant washing's, and if you've got long hair like I do, it will save you a ton of time.

3. SheFit Sports Bra $62.00

FINALLY!! A customizable high impact sports bra for any cup size! Love, love, love.

4. Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend $6.82

This blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and sea salt can be used on almost anything! I love it on eggs, chicken, veggies, and dips.

5. FitBit Blaze $195.00

This watch includes an activity tracker, continuous heart-rate wrist sensor, built-in GPS, smartphone notifications, and app compatibility. The bands are interchangeable as well so you can be fashionable even after your workout.

6. All Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat $17.83

This mat is on my list again this year because it is so comfortable! It's extra thick, anti-tear, and comes with a convenient carrying strap.

7. Large, Durable Resistance Loop Bands $12.00

The perfect way to work your entire body without gym equipment. Whether you're a beginner or have been exercising for years, these bands will strengthen your body from shoulders to calves.

8. Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise Yoga Pants $130.00

The most comfortable and flattering pants for your workouts. They won't move when you're doing those burpees and won't show a thing when you're doing your Romanian deadlifts. The wide waist band is my favorite (hello mommy tummy) and they come in a variety of colors.

9. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer $29.00

A healthy, delicious addition to your morning cup of coffee. It features healthy fats served alongside 10 grams of collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. Paleo-friendly and Whole30-approved, these creamers are free of dairy, soy, carrageenan, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and added sugars. They come in vanilla, coconut, and gingerbread and are really yummy.

10. Jaybird Sport Bluetooth Headset $129.99

This sweat proof, noise cancelling headset is perfect for even your most intense workouts. They also have an 8 hour battery so you won't need to worry about being stuck at the gym without music!

11. Roll Recovery R8 $119.00

This deep tissue massager is the next best thing to a massage. The patented technology self-adjusts for different body sizes and targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, glutes, arms and more. It is easy to use, feels great on tired legs, and is small enough to take anywhere.

12. Takeya 40 oz. Water Bottle $35.98

This water bottle keeps liquid cold for 48 hours and warm for 24 hours. The large size makes keeping track of your water intake simple. I take these with me errrywhere.

13. Advocare's Catalyst $31.50

If your'e trying to lean out or preserve muscle, this is the closest thing to a magic pill. The capsules contain branch chain amino acids without dyes or artificial sweeteners. Branch chain amino acids (BCAA'S) maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management, support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery, and aid in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction.

14. Equilizer Bars $74.95

Another great piece for your home gym that allows you to easily perform dips, pull ups, pushups, L-sits, bench press and more.

15. Joy Personal Training Ebooks $19.99-$79.99

Train ANYWHERE with my Ebooks! Detailed workouts, nutrition assistance (only in the 12 Week Bikini Body), and access to exercise video's to help you reach your fitness goals.These are a fraction of the cost of individual personal training, and are instantly downloadable!!

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